31 March 2008

Beauty of Blogging

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.
I travel for travels sake.
The great affair is to move."

~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

Greetings from South Korea! I guess this really is the beauty of blogging - you can be absolutely anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, and bam! make a blog post! Now, I am just one more flight home from landing in the ol' U. S. of A.! Honestly, I never really thought this day would come. Some days I was wishing with every fiber in me it would hurry and get here, while other days I was hoping it would delay itself, pushing off the inevitable. Now that it is here, I am not sure what to think!

What I do know is that an 8-hour layover anywhere in the world is never fun. Luckily, I found myself a nice lil' Internet lounge and 3,000 Korean won later (about 3$), have about an hour's worth fun on the World Wide Web! Now, just 6 more hours until I fly to San Fran.

The rest of the trip went well - I had a wonderful time in low-key Naiyang Beach, and on Monday morning, headed on a short 1-hour flight back to Bangkok. I spent the day running around Saimai - going to the bank, grabbing food, shuffling suitcases, getting everything together and saying see you later to a few special people before I flew out of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport last night.

Alright, going to use up my Internet time then off to browse South Korea's Incheon Airport - see you all stateside soon!

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