30 March 2008

Postcards from Phi Phi & Phuket

Oh how the days fly right by you when you beach yourself on the pristine waters of the Andaman Sea. I can't believe it is already Sunday, which means I fly back to Bangkok tomorrow morning then off to San Francisco later tomorrow night! Sad, but true - my 2007-2008 SE Asian Experience is coming to a close. A very fast close. However, I realize I have nothing to complain about as my time in both Koh Phi Phi and now in Phuket (at the low-key Naiyang Beach) has been tip-top fabulous!

After lounging on the beach Wednesday, I grabbed dinner with my new mates. That would be (from left to right): Ross from Edinburgh, Scotland; Mandy from Adelaide, Australia; and Kay, also Ross's girlfriend, from Scotland. They are a lovely bunch, and I had lots of fun hanging out with them for the week in Phi Phi!

Thursday consisted of more beach lounging...shocking, I know. However, after a yummy lunch at Pee Pee Bakery (whole wheat banana pancake and fresh fruit plate), I summoned the will to get my butt off the beach and instead, hiked up Phi Phi for a wonderful view of the whole island. A 20-minute hike up some harrowing steps later, I was handsomely rewarded with this view. Like I said, I can't complain!

Friday was my last day in Koh Phi Phi sadly, and I spent it the best way possible - doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Headed to the beach, then browsed around the town center for some shopping, grabbed more yummy food at a cute sidewalk cafe (delish banana yogurt smoothie!) and soaked up the last minute sun. I even ran into Kay and Ross on the street, along with our other new friends Tanya and Joe from London, and had a nice evening out chatting our little mouths off.

On Saturday, I boarded the ferry back to Phuket. The trip is about 1 1/2 hours of cruising along the sea with the wind in your hair. It was absolutely the most perfect way to leave Phi Phi - if one must leave that is. Upon arriving in Phuket, I was going to head to Patong Beach, which is probably the most touristy, busy area of Phuket. Instead, I heard about Naiyang Beach, which is on the northern coast of the island, close to the airport and is supposed to be more low-key. I am so glad I made that decision! The beach is still beautiful, there is a cute little strip of restaurants and shops and best of all, not a lot of people.

Now, I am anxiously awaiting heading back to Bangkok, spending my last day reading at the beach and watching Al Jazeera English (it's seriously brilliant) on TV. Even though it's sad to leave such wondrous beaches and amazing water, it will be nice to get back to Bangkok, get all my stuff together (Lord knows, there is a lot of packing and re-shuffling to do!) and stop living out of a suitcase. Unfortunately, I will have to say see you later to some friends, but it is exactly that - see you later.

In about 21 hours, yours truly will be on a plane bound for the United States of America! I might make a quick blog post before I head out, but if not, keep on reading for some fun blogging from good ol' San Fran!

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