10 March 2008

Lazy Weekend Lounging

After lazing around school all week, what's a girl to do but laze around the rest of the weekend? With more than half my social circle out of commission (Lauren & Thomas decided to head up to Chiang Mai for the weekend), I had my laziest weekend since coming to Thailand, no joke! Friday night, Suziporn and I browsed Wongsakorn Market for some good eats, brought the goodies home (yummy sticky rice with black beans, the best sausage you will ever taste, dumplings and of course, rice!) and then kicked back and watched some movies. Not so exciting, huh?

Saturday I spiced things up a bit - headed to the gym, then the Internet Cafe, watched over 3 hours of "The Office," got a glorious foot massage and headed out for a night on the town Thai style. Suziporn, her boyfriend Por, Boy (the gym teacher at Sarasas) and I headed out for a little fun to RCA. We rocked the night away dancing to some Thai rock music - definitely an entertaining night to say the least. We even got portable ashtrays as a partying gift - score!

On Sunday, I was really craving some real coffee so I carted Thomas's laptop to Starbucks at Central Ram Intra (a nearby mall) and lazed away Sunday watching more episodes of "The Office" while sipping on a decent cuppa joe. Then, I visited the dentist where a teeth cleaning and one cavity filling only cost me 750 baht (about 25$) and headed back to the gym. It was a subdued weekend to say the least.

I just realized this is probably the lamest blog post I have made since being in Thailand, FYI.

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